Monday, July 6, 2009

Mexican Paper Flowers

This was our best craft yet!

First cut tissue paper into 10 x 10 squares and make a stack (about four squares in each stack)

Then fold it into a fan.

Pinch the fan in the middle and twist the end of a pipe cleaner around it to hold it in place and to make the stem.

Gently pull apart the petals to reveal...a butterfly!
Just kidding. This blue one needs a little more fluffing.

The fruits of our labors:

The mermaids are going to use these flowers to decorate the treehouse for their birthday party.

So why was this our best craft yet? One reason might be because my five-year-olds could do this without a lot of help from me, another reason could be that the finished product is so big and beautiful, and another reason could be because it didn't take very long so they were engaged the entire time (it took us about 30 minutes). But I think the real reason why this craft was so fun and successful was because the gween mermaid was taking her nap. :)
Materials: tissue paper ($2.79) pipe cleaners ($3.00) Total: under $6.00


  1. Love the blog. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love this blog. We get bored so easily. Keep it up. I think the captured in ice toys might be our next project...I just need to make room in my freezer.