Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just For Fun

The other day I bought this book:

Sew what! skirts: 16 simple styles you can make with fabulous fabrics [Book]

It shows you how to make a skirt to fit YOUR BODY type--even "pears" like me--and has lots of examples of different styles: A-line, wraps, fitted...and how to make a skirt out of a vintage table cloth.

It has been, I must say, one of my wiser purchases.

I had some pretty fabric laying around (it had been calling out to me for weeks, pleading for me to lift it from its useless folded state into something with beauty and purpose) so I made this:

I had a little trouble with the zipper, which is why there are no photos of it...

But I though the pleats turned out well.
The only problem is that now that this skirt is finished it makes me want to go back to MY FAVORITE STORE IN THE WHOLE WORLD and start another one! (If you want to visit my least favorite store in the entire world, click here.)

All the photos were taken by the blue mermaid.